Posted in February 2013

Another batch of boards available for sale

I got another batch of CTS ARM boards ready for sale. For now, all CTS boards will be available for sale through site. Whoever is interested can download the CTS Manual, CTS Application Notes and the CTS Client from there and also place the order through them. Advertisements

Pan and Tilt

First pan-and-tilt version of the code is already working pretty well. Got it working inside the Fast Tracking mode and only doing tracking for now. Support for controlling the servos from CTS Client or from command line will be added, this will allow also control of the pan-and-tilt servos through CTS from the host side. WIll take a movie … Continue reading

LPC1114/1343 and servo control

Lately working on a new 4WD “table-top” robotic platform based on LPC1114 and I had to do some research on implementing PWM using timers. Once got it working I though of getting a piece of code to handle pan and tilt servos straight from the tracking module, something like CMUCAM module does. With this feature, … Continue reading

Chip Quik

Development cost is not cheap, especially for hobby. Since buying chips by piece is not cheap I always wanted a to find a cheap and simple solution to recover the chips I use in my development boards, especially the big and expensive ones. I know that using a rework station with hot air will make … Continue reading

CTS for sale online

Is official: ARM CTS is available for sale here. Updated documentation, sample code and CTS client also available at the above link.