Posted in January 2013

StereoCamera project

While working on updating the CTS module project documentation I started assembling my new baby: a stereo camera module. A bigger and longer project I always wanted to start.   Also got some cheap OLED colour ¬†LCDs and I plan to see if can build some kind of glasses that may “see” the processed streamed … Continue reading

Unix vs. Windows…

I do not try to start a debate on which is better or not, I am just trying to understand why using same formulas to convert from YUV to RGB, capturing the same frame, under same light conditions, same piece of hardware, same lens, etc the colours on Mac OS (Unix) looks more natural then … Continue reading

CTS boards and OV7725

I started working with OV7670 camera module for the simple reason that is one of the cheapest ones available out-there. Not long ago, I realised that some do however like more the OV7725 as seems to do better in low light. While the resolution is the same (VGA, 0.3 Mpixels), the bigger size of the … Continue reading