Posted in March 2009

Another upgrade

Is already a long time from the last upgrade of this blog. Didn’t really wanna do it but had nothing to do today and I decided to give it a try. The upgrade was very smooth even if were to major releases from last one… A very big difference in layout, maybe a bit to … Continue reading

WAG354G and Singnet

Since I had experienced some issues setting the router to work on Singnet ADSL, I thought of posting some details maybe will help others too ;-) Basically the following are “critical”: Encapsulation:      RFC 2516 PPPoE (*) Multiplexing:        LLC VPI:                       0 VCI:                      100 DSL Modulation:   ADSL+ Service Name:       Singnet User Name:           <your id>@singnet Password:             <your passwd> … Continue reading


I was not happy with my Dlink DSL2640T router cause I was not able to access my website from inside of my network using the external DNS and also some other issues related to port forwarding and some other Advanced settings.  I managed to get a second hand WAG354G for 50 SGD and it took … Continue reading


Saturday evening I had to help a colleague who was facing some issues in using VPN to connect to company’s network. I had actually to send him the latest version of the client binaries. Once rich home I realised that my router is not working properly anymore. Basically the DHCP server was not running and … Continue reading