Posted in December 2014

OV2640 and jpeg – continued

OV2640 and jpeg – continued

Ok, between Christmas shoppings, preparations and more shoppings I managed to spend a couple of hours here and there and work on this jpeg issue. The good part is that I’ve cracked the problem with the jpeg output and managed to get some things going. The bad part now: because of the hardware design I … Continue reading

OV2640 and jpeg

I am not sure what is wrong but the jpeg file (JFIF) generated by the camera is not working… I checked the file format and looks fine to me: FF E0 00 10 4A 46 49 46 00 01 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF DB 00 43 00 0C .. .. … Continue reading

Jpeg trials

I finally have some time to continue working on my projects and I don’t know where to start first ^_^ Lately I had tons of questions about streaming and especially jpeg streaming. There is no way to get the data from a OV7670 or OV7725 and compress it then stream it through a very slow … Continue reading