OV2640 and jpeg – continued

Ok, between Christmas shoppings, preparations and more shoppings I managed to spend a couple of hours here and there and work on this jpeg issue.

The good part is that I’ve cracked the problem with the jpeg output and managed to get some things going. The bad part now: because of the hardware design I am using for the CTS boards and the way the sensor works in jpeg mode I am loosing some bytes here and there and the image is broken…


Impact is minimal for QQVGA pictures, however, the problem comes up when capturing QVGA pictures.


I tried using some OV registries to compensateĀ but still not working.

Hope will have more time and manage to work a bit more and get it working properly.

For example: a QQVGA frame compressed is 4 Kbytes vs. 37.5 Kbytes and a QQVGA frame compressed is 12 Kbytes vs. 150 Kbytes ^_^


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