Posted in March 2010

Dual touch TC1100

I got my touch screen last week and I managed to spent some time on it on Saturday. ¬†Once I saw it’s working, I was exploring the options to fit the USB interface inside and have it working. My first problem was to find a way not to disable the existing 2 USB ports, but … Continue reading

Windows 7 on LS800

I tried few times to install Windows 7 on my LS800 and initially what I did, somehow failed: couldn’t make the pen work on it, the second time I used the TC1100 Wacom drivers and then the calibration went crazy no matter what… I did then a clean install of WinXP and install all the … Continue reading

Going Motion!

Finally I saw my baby on Saturday! IT was a hassle to deal with SpeedPost and for sure will¬†make you feel damn frustrated with so many stories and crap they’ll tell you just to close your mouth. I had to make a lot of calls after my package disappear from the tracking screen to make … Continue reading

The tablet furry

Everyone nowadays is in a urge to release a tablet or a device with a touch screen. Some years back, Microsoft tried this, Apple too, but both of them failed miserably… No support, lack of involvement from hardware vendors, whatever they call it, people did not buy it. Only a niche part of the market … Continue reading