I started several small projects in past few years but only few of them are interesting enough to focus more on them. On this page will keep track of some of the projects I am working on and plan to develop them eventually in a functional product.

Camera Tracking System (Camera Vision)

Low cost tracking solution based on OV7670 camera module and Atmega16/32 AVR micro controller, able to track one blob of one selected colour at 30 fps and multiple blobs (up to 16 blobs of the same colour) at 15 fps.


3 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hi,
    This hw/sw sounds perfect for my application. However, robots-r-us only sells the 50x25mm version. My camera will be mounted on a high speed xy-plotter and I fear the added inertia will be too much. Is there any way to get the 30x30mm boards (v0.4) you have shown on the site?
    cheers, Kirstin

  2. hi :-)
    I bought a module with an OV7670 AL422 3M-Bits FIFO and I just discover you website last weekend, you have pretty cools projects :-)

    Im planning to used my cam for frame by frame grabbing, for first prototype I will used an Atmega2560 and communicated with my pc.

    I was wondering if your source code for your pc clients are available, and, even if it seems you’re are moving to arm I will be interesting to your code on the cam side.

    I agree with you for moving to dedicated uControllers doing job near the cam and I will surely peek here to see your boards… :o) mmm Stereo vision will be so cool ! :o)

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