Posted in June 2009

NAS, third part

Already in “production” for past 2 weeks and going strong. Most of the things are in place and working fine: AFP, NFS, SAMBA/CIFS, FTP, SCP, FireFly, Transmission, etc. The only thing left is the cooling part… I was doing a check on the system, using webmin, and after I activated the SMART support, I was … Continue reading

The NAS thingy – part 2

After few tests, I decided to go with Ubuntu as solution. I’ve tried already OpenFiler and FreeNAS. I like the interface for FreeNAS but I had experienced several issues with it that make me switch back to Ubuntu. First, FreeNAS can not be installed from USB CDROM?!?!?! I tried and got stuck with the “Can … Continue reading

Build your own NAS – part 1

Last week, was another PC Show and I was tempted to invest in a NAS solution to replace my existing LanDrive that I use now. The existing one is quite slow (500-700 Kb/sec over Samba from Windows XP and maximum goes to 4 Mb/sec on Unix). The connections drop pretty often when doing a large … Continue reading

Time to upgrade

For sometime now, I am using the XBMC as my media centre. Since I’m running XBMC from one of my thin clients as an appliance, my entire library was located on an external storage. For this I was using a NAS solution which was working pretty much ok beside the incredible slow speed you can … Continue reading