Posted in January 2015

CTS Client

I had not much time lately, however, using the CTS Client code I managed to put together a “simple” client application, java based, to play the data stream coming from a CTS module. The images are streamed from one of my CTS modules with a OV2640 camera on board. Advertisements

ATMEGA328 + OV7670 FIFO module (software)

As I do not have an Arduino board I am not able to put together a code running on Arduino, however, below code should run either using AVR Studio or modified to be used as an Arduino library. The code should be tailored for the schematic published previously. For performance purposes the code should only send … Continue reading

Java – convert byte array to image (jpeg)

I am working on getting a jpeg camera (OV2640) working with my CTS module and stream live video over serial port. I tried using PROCESSING to receive the files the display them real-time on-screen, however, it seems is not possible. I thought is faster this way then write an application using Java. I was wrong … Continue reading