Communicating with CTS module

Connecting to CTS module

Details about connecting to Camera Tracking System (connectors, pinouts, etc).


Data format for various modes

Details on how data is formatted by CTS module for streaming, tracking or debugging modes, logic on how to use CTS module, etc.


Controlling CTS module

Communication with CTS module is done through a serial port. For practical reasons the communication speed recommended should be (912,600 baud), however, based on host configuration and application communication speed can be changed. Changing serial speed, resolution and several other settings in real-time become easier using the commands already implemented (see bellow).

Groups of commands available:

  • Image control commands – to change various image parameters (e.g.: AWB, sharpness, brightness, contrast, saturation, orientation, resolution);
  • Tracking control commands – initiate frame capture, initiate tracking for one or more colours, set colours to be used for tracking and the range for the colours and other tracking or image capture/streaming operations;
  • Camera Module control commands – to check status, change serial speed, handle EEPROM/SRAM operations, check firmware version, etc.


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