IoT – fast track with WeMos

I know, everyone now talks about IoT. The new buzz word…

I am working on a project that is using one of the CTS boards and WiFi. Unfortunately the WiFi boards are expensive and are only UART to WiFi and the UART speed is too low for what I need, not mentioning that programming was done only using AT commands.

Anyway, I was looking for some cheap options with better performance and more flexible. What can be better than ESP-12? WeMos!!!

For 3 $ you get a ESP-12 with power and reset circuit, a USB to UART controller, breadboard friendly board and different headers. Did I mention that for this money you also get free transport?

On top of this you get support for the board for Arduino IDE and lots and lots of libraries available one click away.

It took me no time to write a program that monitors the temperature and humidity, connect to WiFi and stream data to so I can see the temperature and humidity in real-time. I used one WeMos and DHT22 shield for this.

The second project is using one WeMos and a OLED shield. Will connect to a NTP server, retrieve the data and time and display it on the OLED. Every minute will sync the time from the NTP server and display it.

Those boards are pretty cool and you don’t need a separate MCU to do your project. Is a no brainer ;-)


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