Mug shots

Since I am using a 3 Mbits FIFO to capture the image I am limited to 512 x 378 pixels maximum for raw images. I can play with the size (e.g.: 640 x 307, 600 x 327, etc), however, to keep the 4:3 ratio I will stick with 512 x 378.

I manage to take some pictures with various resolutions. The pictures are captured raw either RGB555 then “converted” to 16 bits/pixel BMP or YUV then the luminance component is used to create a 8 bits/pixel BMP files. Files are converted to PNG for convenience.


160 x 120 RGB


160 x 120 B&W


320 x 240 RGB


320 x 240 B&W


512 x 378 RGB


512 x 378 B&W

I did not bother playing with the white balance or saturation, the colors may be a bit off.


One thought on “Mug shots

  1. I am trying to connect a OV7670 (640 x 480) frame at 30 frames per sec to a Spartan6 board which in turn is connected to VGA interface and to the monitor. VGA needs 60 frames per sec. And the max buffer allowed in Spartan6 is only 65K. Is there a way in which I can stream videos with this setup ? Looking forward to your inputs

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