SumoBot – new platform

For last month I was actively working on few prototypes. One of them is the SumoBot.

Is actually a all-on-board bot using the 22T tracks from Pololu and their metal-motor-gears. Slightly smaller than 90 x 90 mm, is equipped with Accelerometer and Gyro (MPU-6050), motor controller (MCPWM), quadrature encoders, EEPROM to save the settings, WiFi for real-time data streaming and control, “dedicated” CTS port to use my CTS boards with servo control, 4 user LEDs and lots of ports available for expansion: I2C, SPI, UART, 6 PWM and 10 GPIO.

The “brain” is a Cortex M3 @100 Mhz: LPC 1754.

SumoBot top

So far the MCPWM, the WiFi, MPU-6050 and the EEPROM libraries are working.

SumoBot bottom

I am still working on cleaning up the code and get other parts working. I am also planning to design some additional shields to add more functionality (proximity sensors, tracking, image streaming, navigation, etc).


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