CTS upgrades

I am trying to add more features to the existing CTS boards. Some of the requirements I had so far were related to streaming and ability to save the images to a card.

CTS 0.8 top

The new CTS board with OV2640 attached. 

While working on some simple compression solutions I was also looking to add uSD support to the CTS board. I had to redesign the boards and move from 0805 to 0603 parts to have space to add the uSD socket.

CTS 0.8 bottom

The boards are now working only at 3.3v (the earlier ones could be powered from 5V) and there are few more changes to improve the quality of the image captured.

I had to do several code changes to be able to squeeze more code in, but I’m getting there.

I am still working at the uSD support, but so far looks promising.


10 thoughts on “CTS upgrades

  1. It seems interesting! Do you use a mcu to control the cmos sensor and fifos? Is the mcu same as the one (lpcxxxx?) using on the old CTS modules? What is the max size of SD card it would support?


  2. Hi, Nasulica, Would this module handle a higher capacity of SD card, say 16 or 32GB? If new CTS module works fine, I would love to purchase it from you directly, rather than develop by myself. Keep me updated. :)

  3. Very nice work! I am interested in purchasing one of your CTS boards, however the only links I can find on your site (robots-r-us.com) are no longer correct. Can you link me to the correct store, if the CTS boards are still for sale?


  4. I am interested to purchase a CTS boards for a school projects, but the item on robots-r-us.com isn’t avaiable . Can you tell me where i can buy it?
    sorry for my bad english

  5. Hi, my name is Omar, I’m interested to purchase a CTs board, can you tell me where can I find the information about the CTS board, thank you a great page with an excellent information about vision and tracking, the reason for buying is learn about vision for a robotic project

  6. Whole tracking system is amazing project! Good Job!
    Are there any chances that you share the AVR code or the fragments at least?
    Please response me via e-mail.

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