CTS Client

I had not much time lately, however, using the CTS Client code I managed to put together a “simple” client application, java based, to play the data stream coming from a CTS module.

The images are streamed from one of my CTS modules with a OV2640 camera on board.


10 thoughts on “CTS Client

  1. Hi there,

    Could you share this client with me? I am very interested in purchasing one of your CTS modules. Please contact me via email when you get a chance :)


  2. Hi,

    Can you also share the client with me? I have a MAC as well. I want to purchase a CTS module to use with my non-FIFO OV7670. Please contact me. Thanks!

    • Hi Andy, unfortunately i can not get the jpeg working reliable with ov2640. I am still playing with the registry the registry settings.

      Since ov7670/ov7725 are cheaper and used by everyone i thought of finding a way to do compression in MCU that can be easily implemented and is easy enough to be ported to other platforms.

      • Hi, Nasulica, too bad! :(. I saw you had set successfully up a JPEG streaming demo(QQVGA?) with ov2640 on other posts. I thought you had worked out it since I noticed that you have had a new CTS with ov2640. Will you be keeping working on that? I wanna to get one if it works fine.

        The way of doing compression in MCU is the RLC as you posted? Do I need a dedicated RLC decompression software on the rx side? such as PC or smartphone.


      • Hi Andy, i am working on the jpeg part. I am still fiddling with the registries. One of the problem is the cost of the camera, is 4-5 times more expensive than OV7670.

        The decompression code on the receiver side is posted also on the same page :)

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