Eagle 7.2 – easy way to mess up things

I am working on a small project and I needed to design few small boards and panelize them to cut down the costs. Before this I made the mistake to upgrade Eagle to 7.2. I will leave aside the details on what is new and my grudges about the new Eagle 7.x.

Anyway, I designed the boards, I checked them and generate the gerber files as usual. I then used gerbermerge to panelize the boards. I could not check the resulting gerber files properly because gerberv is not working after I did the upgrade to Mac OSX10.10.

Anyway, the guy from the factory send me a mail that my drill file is not correct, there were only 4 lines in the file.

I checked my gerbermerge script, I checked the gerber files for every board, everything was looking fine. It does not matter what I tried, the drill file will only have 4 lines… I tried with older files and everything seems to work fine with the old files but not the new ones. I did a lot of searches and I could not find anything online about this issue.

Anyway, to cut it short: I had to regenerate the drill files again using Eagle 6.5 in order to get gerbermerge working fine again.


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