Flight Control and CTS

Is just a prototype, but it aims to be a Flight Control board with image tracking, WiFi and SD card support.


Will feature a LPC1768/1769 running at 100/120 Mhz, 64 Kbytes RAM, 256 Kbytes FLASH, a 9 axis IMU using (MPU6050 and HMC5883), AL422B as FIFO, OV7670/OV7725 as a camera for tracking, support for micro-SD card, a full size xBee socket for WiFi connection.

Available pins: 6 PWM, I2C, UART, GPIO. I plan to use the board to control a 2WD and a 4WD platforms in my tests as I have not much knowledge yet on quads (any help will be welcome ^_^)

Once get the peripherals working, the aim is to get it control a self balancing 2WD robot able to track colours and navigate using colour codes. Still way to go, but is a start, right?


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