New prototypes coming

I’ve been quite for sometime, doing some small changes to the code but also a planning for an upgraded version of the CTS boards: CTS 0.8 and CTS 0.9.

For now are only prototypes, but the details are:

CTS 0.8

There will be 2 models: LPC1768 (single core, 100 Mhz, 64 Kbytes RAM, micro-SD card, servo control on board) and LPC4330 (dual core, 204 Mhz, 264 Kbytes RAM, no micro SD or Servo control).

Both will come in small size board of 30 x 30 mm, both requires a custom camera module with integrated FIFO and EEPROM for firmware. The boards will be stacked and will fit in the cheap Pan and Tilt micro-servo brackets available on ebay.

Additional functionality planed for the new boards:
– tracking multiple blobs of different colours in a frame
– ability to handle larger number or blobs within a frame
– improved color definition
– support for white balance calibration
– ability to track colour codes (labels made from a combination of colors)
– ability to save a frame on uSD card (LPC1768 only)
– higher tracking speed, up to 50-60 FPS for LPC4330 with OV7725 cameras
– support for basic shape recognition (not only colour tracking)

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 12.35.25

CTS 0.9

Will be a 40×45 mm board based on LPC4330 and will support everything version 0.8 does plus:

– micro SD support
– use LPC4330 SGPIO support instead of FIFO
– USB support for debugging and programming (live view)
– 9 axis IMU on board (MPU-6050 + HMC5883)
– integrated WIFI module on board (TBC)

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 13.10.52


FC CTS or Flight Control CTS board

Another prototype board is a Flight Control board with CTS support (LPC1768, 4 + 2 PWM channels, servo control, 9 axis IMU, integrated WiFi, micro SD card, USB, FIFO + OV camera, additional GPIO pins + I2C available) , all in a 50 x 50 mm  board.




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