New LPC1768 Mini-DK LCD

My new LCD for the Mini-DK board just arrive. I changed the code to get it working with the new parallel LCD and the first impressions are quite good:

– The colours are amazing: brighter, better saturation, better viewing angles (the older one, SPI, had a limited viewing angle and even so only from 6 o’clock, this one works great from 3 to 9 o’clock).
– Faster! I get about 5-6 FPS reading from SD Card and displaying BMP pictures (250+ Kbytes/pix) and about 46 FPS clearing the LCD by filling it with pixels (over 3,527,790 pixels per second!!!).

One problem so far is that the code handling the touch screen is not working anymore. Will need to see if they changed the chip or may be something wrong with the LCD…


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