Mavericks sucks…

Ok, is official: it really sucks!!! While initially looks like a solid update after a while actually get more and more annoyed on the new behaviour.

– Opening some PDF files sometime slow down everything to a halt. I opened a 2 pages of schematics file, which was working fine before and now to scroll through it takes 5 to 10 seconds each time I try to scroll through it.

– When I try to attach a file to an email the window where I’m supposed to select the file  will open and is empty most of the times, I’ll need to close it and open it again to see any files.

– Similar behaviour in Finder: when I insert the SD card or a portable HDD will show it as empty, I have to select a different device then select back the drive to see anything on it.

– Same code was working fine (Processing, Eclipse, LPCxpresso) now may crash the entire system?!?!?! Yesterday I got this like 10 times in less than an hour. No changes on the code and today worked like a charm running continuous for several hours…

– Email will stop fetching mails after a short connectivity problem. I’ll need to close it (quit) and start it again to get it work properly.

– Opening some applications may hang the entire system (I am using a quad-core I7 machine with 8GB RAM and 256 Gb SSD, never ever experienced this before upgrading to Mavericks)…

And the list goes on, some are small issues, but it gets annoying and feels like a bad experience, an unpolished product… I know some will say “but is free, why you complain?!?” Well, is free, is true, maybe this is why is free, so you can not complain why is having so many issues….

FYI, I used to pay for all previous OSX upgrades. I also paid for Pages on iPad when was not free and was ugly but working fine, now they make it free, looks better but sucks: keep crashing and hanging most of the times… Is it me or now feels like Windows become more and more a better alternative?


One thought on “Mavericks sucks…

  1. just down grade to 10.6 or better but agreed 10.9 sucks, I was getting getting beach balls and a grey error message screen on my 2009 intel dula core gpu mini with 8 gigs of ram osx should not be like this. I down graded back to 10.6 and it like lightning speed. Mavericks is free for a reason it burns out peoples computers and it sucks.

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