LPC1768 Mini-DK (SPI LCD)

While waiting for the parallel LCD to be delivered, took some short video with LPC1768 Mini-DK board running as “picture frame”.

I am using FatFS library to manipulate the files, wrote a small piece of code to read and display the BMP, doing autorotation and resizing to fit the pictures properly on the screen.

Since I had to use SPI for LCD so I can use SSP0 for SD card, is not very fast. Hope to fix this by using 16 bit parallel mode once I receive it.


2 thoughts on “LPC1768 Mini-DK (SPI LCD)

  1. Hi again! :)
    I saw this post the other day, and I dont know actually why today I ended up looking diferents TFT’s but I wasn’t sure which of their would be the best for a project with this cam. Then I remenber that you post it you were waiting for one with a pararlel port. (Which I suppossed must be much faster than the ones with SPI)

    Can you share which is the model have you purchased?

    PD: The problem with processign is not solved but I found “the problem” is some issue with the speed or the buffer of the serial port because when I reduced the number of pixels it worked fine.

    Thanks in advance :D

    • The company selling the MiniDK boards offer it with 2 different LCD: LCDA (16 bit interface) and LCDB (SPI). Unless you are already using a LPC1768 MiniDK board is no point buying from them, they are using 2mm pin space, headers on each side of the LCD, etc.
      Also, can get from ebay something similar, using 2.54 mm spacing, header on one side, etc and cheaper :-)
      If you plan using the LCD for this project I will suggest to go with parallel mode. If you design your hardware right, while you reading the pixels with your MCU you can feed the data into the LCD in the same time with no extra code (using some bus latches, buffers, etc).

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