Home-made digital camera (cont)

Last night managed to stay late and do a bit of work. I coded a couple of functions to send the configuration commands to the CTS module (e.g.: AWB, contrast, brightness, gamma, saturation, resolution) which was the easy part. Then got the image streaming part working fine (if my scope works fine is 25 FPS for QQQVGA and 5 FPS for QQVGA in B&W).

Working now on the storage part. I got the BMP file generated correctly, I am able to open them on a PC/Mac, each picture use a different name, I can save the QQQVGA images and open them without problem, however, when I try to save larger images things does not work properly at this speed… I either increase the UART FIFO buffer (I only have 8 Kbytes of RAM and I am already using 4 Kbytes for UART buffer), rewrite the UART library or just go much slower… Still investigating on this.


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