LPC1768 Mini-DK development board

A year ago I’ve got one of these LPC1768 Mini-DK boards thinking to play a bit with it, maybe attach it a camera, etc.

Only few days back I actually started to use it, unfortunately I bought the SPI version with ILI9320 chip which makes it pretty useless for any fast image manipulation.

To make it worse, the LCD is attached to SPI port while the SSP0 and SSP1 are used for SD card and… (wait for it)… touch screen controller?!?!? I mean, why not using the LCD on SSP1 instead of SPI and put the bloody touch screen controller on SPI???

If you decide not to use the SD card, you can choose to remap the SSP0 to drive the LCD instead, in which case you can get about 4 times faster frame-rate.

Anyway, I got the SD card, LCD, touch screen controller, UART, RTC, buttons, etc working fine (did not play with the ethernet port, though).

Also did write a piece of code to read all the “.bmp” files from the SD card and display them on the LCD correctly (auto-rotating, auto-resizing, choosing the correct colour mask, handling 16bit or 24 bit, etc) and transform the board in a picture frame.

Another problem with the board is that there is no EEPROM to let you store your configuration data nor free GPIOs to attach a camera to it when using a 16 bit LCD unless you give up the ethernet port.

I decided to order the 16 bit version of the LCD but will take a month to get it delivered.


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