Mavericks is cool!

I mean it, is really cool!!! Literally “cool”…

More than a year back I decided to bite the bullet and buy a 15” MacBook Pro Retina… I had some corporate discount and had to get mobile. For more than a year now I brought it with me everywhere and while not perfect is a really good piece of hardware. Anyway, one thing I always complained was… it gets HOT! When running windows it gets so hot that can not keep it on your lap! Also when running on Windows battery runs out in less than 3 hours!

So lat night, once officially released I went to download it and install it on my MacBook. First impressions: takes less space than the old one, use less memory and best of all after a couple of hours of regular use is cold, really cold. For same kind of load used to get pretty warm when was running on OSX 10.8, which is damn cool!

Update: Tried doing a large file download over wifi while opened a couple of browsers and editing few documents and the system is still cold. Really impressive!


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