New prototype

Lately I’ve been busy and had not much time to work on my projects. Anyway, my LPC1769 CTS board is still in development, however, there are new changes added that works pretty well:

Native servo control for Pan and Tilt

Added Pan and Tilt servo support to the board to allow direct control for tracking directly from CTS. This part is working great:

– control position of the servos from command line in any direction (new CTS Client will have support to control servos);
– control and limit the minim and maxim range to accommodate  for physical or servo limitations;
– store settings to EEPROM;
– tracking algorithm added in Fast Tracking mode;
– tested with Hitec HS-5645MG servos but should work with any compatible analog or digital servos.

Increased color range for tracking

Increased the color range for tracking from 4 bits per channel to 6 bits per channel. Will allow better control on selected color classes to be tracked (new CTS Client will accommodate this).

Moved camera configuration to EEPROM

Moved all specific camera settings to EEPROM together with other settings, this will allow adding new camera models in future without or with minimal firmware changes. Moved gamma curves to EEPROM, to allow control to gamma curves without firmware upgrade (gamma curve settings available through command line).

New features, still in development

– Firmware upgrade through serial port bootloader (using IAP);
– White Balance calibration based on ambient light, this will need some work to get it work properly;
– More streaming options to accommodate various requests;
– Increase the number of color classes to track from 8 to 16;
– Simple OCR support (basic shape recognition);
– New CTS CLient to control all new features.

Most of these features requires time and a lot of research and money to build the prototypes. If interested in the project you may want to consider buying one of the CTS boards from here for now, will try to get another distributor in Europe if possible (any suggestions?).


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