Tracking at 60 FPS?

Had no time lately, however, I got my LPC1769 board working faster. Lots of changes in code, changes very much hardware specific. Is still a prototype, however working pretty well.

The main thing is that I am now using a OV7725 camera, and I can get 2 pixels (4 bytes of data) read and process the tracking data at a very high-speed:

1769 fast tracking

This is actually an older picture, now the processing speed per pixel is increased by 30% (clock MCU to 120 Mhz, decrease FLASH readings, optimise the checking, etc.), close to double the speed on LPC1343 board.

I am now looking into changing OV7725 camera registries to work @ 60 FPS and see if I can get the tracking keep up with it.


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