CTS boards and OV7725

I started working with OV7670 camera module for the simple reason that is one of the cheapest ones available out-there. Not long ago, I realised that some do however like more the OV7725 as seems to do better in low light. While the resolution is the same (VGA, 0.3 Mpixels), the bigger size of the sensor will help in low light conditions.

I got myself few OV7725 phone camera modules to test and while still produced by OmniVision the registries and the control is pretty much different. Trying to find documentation online is really a challenge and the only way is to get any useful information is to get the linux drivers and do a bit of reverse engineering.

Was a bit of a challenge and I almost gave up, however, for the past few days managed to get it working and looking at the first results seems OV7725 image looks better in low light. Also OV7670 phone camera module I am using is a bit more compact while the OV7725 phone camera module is a bit bigger also with a bigger lens might help.

One thing that make OV7725 cameras more interesting is that according to the data sheet, OV7725 can go up to 60 FPS, 2 times more than OV7670. However, for this will need a very fast MCU as AVR can barely handle 30 FPS.

Right now, I did managed to get CTS code working seamlessly with both OV7670 and OV7725 cameras, however, OV7725 is more expensive than OV7670, which is something to keep in mind.

CTS AVR 5.2 with OV7725 and OV7670

OV7725 (above) and OV7670 (bellow) mounted on CTS AVR 5.2 board.


5 thoughts on “CTS boards and OV7725

  1. Hi, I am trying to interface OV7725 camera to raspberry pi. I have some documents related to OV7725 (which i got by searching through google), but I am not not able to understand the working of camera. Do u have any document of OV7725?. Please, help me with this.


    • I don’t have anything else than the datasheet for this camera. The rest i got by doing reverse engineering on OV7725 Linux drivers. Maybe you should start looking there, get the OV7725 drivers and change them to use your GPIO instead.
      Can also ask Omnivision for help, but they are not really too supportive and will also ask you to sign an NDA for anything they provide.

  2. hi, i’m using ov7725 with fifo. i managed to get it works on my stm32f4 and stream it to my graphic lcd, but it’s flickering so i can’t do thresholding on it properly.

    maybe you know about it? what makes it flickering? i’ve been tried to disable all auto adjustment like AWB/AEC/AGC but it still flickering.. hope you can help me :)

  3. Hi, I am Rony from the US. I just started on my hobbyist journey; I’m currently in the leaning (“baby step”) phase. I’m also a student at the Florida International University. I have some question to ask you; one of the questions is, how could I purchase 3 different versions of your board. Please contact me through any one of my emails. Hope to hear from you soon.

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