New CTS 0.5 boards

CTS AVR boards

The new boards and the FIFO chips are here. Already some assembled and testing them.

Some details about the AVR version:

  • MCU: ATmega644p/1284P
  • FIFO: AL422B (3 Mbit)
  • SMD technology
  • ISP header available on the board

CTS 5.1 boards

Designed to fit in small places or attached to some UAV or surveillance  servo brackets available on the market, at 30 x 30 mm are very small and light. Will work with any OV7670 camera modules available on eBay or can be ordered together with a very small and compact camera module using a miniature/phone camera.

CTS 5.2 boards

Designed to be attached to a regular servo bracket, at 50 x 25 mm will come equipped with a miniature camera and ready to roll.

CTS ARM boards

Some details about the ARM version:

  • MCU: LPC1343
  • EEPROM: 8 Kbytes for storing settings, on board
  • FIFO: AL422B (3 Mbit)
  • SMD technology
  • SWD JTAG header available on board

Functionality will be similar with AVR CTS boards, however, only 50 x 25 mm boards with onboard OV7670 cameras are available for now. If there will be a demand for 30 x 30 mm boards then I will also look into this.

ALL modules can be used right away once programmed using the CTS client or command line through a serial console.
NOTE: I am working now to get the firmware accept also OV7725 camera modules. 

19 thoughts on “New CTS 0.5 boards

    • Hi Michael,

      I’m working with one local website on having them commercially available. Hope this will be sorted out soon, I’ll post details as soon I’ll have their confirmation.
      May I know which OV7670 module you have? Is the one with FIFO chip or without? Based on this will be a different module.
      Thank you so much for interest, will update you soon with details.


  1. Hi!

    I’d like to use your boards for tracking objects in OpenPicus Flyport using UART.

    I’m thinking in a CTS ARM board with OV7670 camera incluided.

    Should it works? Where can I buy?

    • Hi there, as long you have UART on the host system you will be able to connect and talk with the CTS module.
      You should be able to detect, track and get information about blobs of defined colours. Maybe you can tell me more details about your application then I will be able to advise if and how can be done.

      • Thanks! Your boards are perfect for me. Only a few questions:

        I probably need to change camera in future for an infrared model or more resolution model. Is there any that I can use? I choose your most complete board for save money in camera’s buy. I think that only need to buy cameras, without other electronics required to drive the camera.

        Can I change the code in micro for customize it? I will like to do in future.

        Please, could we use email?

      • The boards i sell have on-board camera, changing it is possible but the firmware will only support OV7670 and OV7725 cameras. You can choose to change to OV7725, which works better than OV7670 in low light and will also give you better colours/details (bigger sensor).
        Resolution does not really help, more pixels means more processing power and will not give you any real improvement for tracking.

    • Unfortunately I do not sell the OV7725 camera modules, everything will become too expensive… However, you can buy OV7725 modules from ebay.
      I’ll send you an email with details.

  2. Hi, my name is Danny and I am interested in ordering CTS 5.1 I was wondering if you could supply the board with 3.3 or 3.7V instead of 5V

  3. I am interested in a 5.1 30x30mm board (or a 5.2 30x30mm if it’s available) and would love to get details of the board and pricing. I’m using a FIFO OV7670, but it sounds like I don’t need to use all the pins.

  4. Hey I am Rony from the US. I just started on my hobbyist journey; I’m currently in the leaning (“baby step”) phase. I’m also a student at the Florida International University. I have some question to ask you; one of the questions is, how could I purchase 3 different versions of your board. Please contact me through any one of my 2 emails. Hope to hear from you soon.

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