Need to redo…

While still waiting for the FIFO chips, I just got the boards from the factory. Looks like  I’ll need to redo the boards as the FFC connector seems to be mirrored… My mistake, I thought the datasheet from the chinese manufacturer will follow the pin notation on the connector, and is not, is reversed… Damn!

The good news is that the rest is working fine, hope will have the final version of the board in less than 2 weeks!

CTS AVR 0.5 boards (prototype)

CTS AVR 0.5 boards (prototype)

Changes to the new version (CTS 0.5):

  • FIFO chip integrated on the board;
  • standard 6 pin ISP connector for firmware upgrade;
  • one version (CTS 0.5.1) will remain 30 x 30 mm and can take normal OV7670 camera modules from eBay (I am also planning to build a more compact version of OV7670 module using a miniature camera and cheaper);
  • another version (CTS 0.5.2) will be 50 x 25 mm and will come with OV7670 camera on board (can be attached to servo brackets, etc);
  • using only SMD technology, “through-hole” will be only used for connectors;
  • RESET pin brought out, UART port pin compatible with the FTDI cable/adapters;
  • power provided through the UART connector;
  • light and compact.

New design already sent to factory and hope they’ll be able to get it done by end of next week.

Will be doing some tests on the CTS 0.5 prototype board and update project page the following week. So far the miniature OV7670 cameras seems to work great, colours are less pinkish than the normal ones plus are very light and compact.


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