First bot

I know, without a demo there is no fun, right? So I put together a small bot using a 2WD base with 2 micro motors, a “Serial Controlled Dual Motor Driver” from SparkFun which is actually just a shrunk down  Arduino board with a L298P driver (dual channel, up to 2 Amps per channel) and my CTS v0.4 (Atmega16) board with OV7670 FIFO module.

I rewrote the code on the SparkFun board to be able to receive data from CTS board @115200 baud and use it to control the 2WD platform. Is just a prototype, but works. Will add more features and better control and will post the code on the Arduino side on the CTS project page. Enjoy!

Here, CTS board is doing tracking at 15 FPS, tracking Mario’s blue pants (see a video on what CTS board sees here).


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