Tracking and streaming

Spent some time last night and got the tracking working again after all the changes. For now, will do tracking and streaming in the same time to be able to see what camera sees. Later, can disable the video streaming and keep only tracking to be able to track at very high-speed.

This is done using an Atmega16 chip with a OV7670 (FIFO model). Colour segmentation is applied on YUV signal rather than RGB as it seems less affected by light variation. So far works pretty fine and is cleaner then my first prototype, however, now I am pulling the data (host start the tracking by setting the resolution, image orientation, white balance, etc then trigger tracking for every frame and CTS module will reply back with the information, once frame processed/sent will wait for CTS to start another operation/tracking) while before was in a continuous loop. This mode can be achieved by closing the jumper on the CTS board.


8 thoughts on “Tracking and streaming

  1. hallo, i just buy a 0v7670 camera and i wanna use it for capture an 200×200 pixel image and read the ascii data in arduino.
    which pins that give ascii as output data??
    can you help me??

    • Hi Hafriz, not sure what kind of camera you bought but OV7670 does not have a pin to generate image in ASCII, at least i am not aware of it. Can you please explain what you intend to do?

  2. sorry again for not to specific :). im using ov7670 with fifo. im trying to get a picture and then show it in computer. i`ve try to sent some instruction to the camera using i2c communication (SIOC and SIOD) but the reply isn`t same with what should it be (my instruction based on the ov7670 datasheet module).

    • As you know, I2C is only for sending configuration details. To capture a frame you will need to know how to handle AL422 FIFO to initiate a write and a read cycle, subject already discussed in some of my posts and in comments attached to the posts. Also some wiring diagrams is attached there.

  3. Hello! I got the same camera but I could not find any information on the internet about how to make it work with Arduino. Could you please show the steps or even realease the code to show us how to get OV7670 working? Would be awesome!

    Thanks in advance

    • hi there, any details on which module you have?
      did you try to take a look on the comments? pseudocode or even detailed code for various mcu is already posted.
      btw, i do not have/use Arduino, find it too limited and slow, especialy for this kind of projects…
      i was using an Arduino similar hardware in the begining, however, without bootloader and a 22.18 mhz crystal instead :-)

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