Using YUV211 for streaming

Did some changes adding YUV211 (well, is half of YUV422), reducing the pixel colour information to only one byte: 4 bits Y, 4 bits U, 4 bits Y, 4 bits V, 2 pixels in 2 bytes… The image is still acceptable and I could get a bit over 1 fps for QVGA and 4-5 fps for QQVGA. bellow I posted the YUV422 sample and YUV211 sample:



4 thoughts on “Using YUV211 for streaming

  1. Hi,
    please share how did you change color depth for OV7670 camera?
    Does OV7670 support this in hardware (via configuration registers) or you implemented it in software (before sending image to PC)?


    • Hi Oleg, I did this in software. By default, OV7670, sends 4 bytes: [Y][U][Y][V], all I did is to get the first 4 bits from each byte and pack them in only 2 bytes still keeping the same format [YU][YV].
      Code will look something like this:

      nibbleH = frameReadByte() & 0xF0;
      nibbleL = (frameReadByte() & 0xF0) >> 4;

      line[j] = nibbleH | nibbleL;

      Hope this helps!

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