Preparing first PCB

While still messing around with the code, i decided it will be better to create the first PCB prototype. Managed to get Eclipse running on MacOS and draw the schematic. Was an interesting experience, however, designing the PCB is an entire new thing all together.

I know the basics of designing a good PCB, learnt in school a while ago, however, doing it is a different story. Anyway, working on it, hope by today get the first version done and even send it to get the first batch of boards.

Entire board have to be exactly 3cm x 3 cm including edges, mounting holes, etc (same size with OV7670 camera module), will have one UART and one I2C connectors beside the ISP header, so the camera can be connected to almost anything.

While seen more and more projects nowadays online focusing on video streaming, my target is to build a cheap real-time tracking system that can be used in various robotic applications.


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