Prototype board coming soon

Just finished the first version of the PCB, had to remove the I2C connector for now as there is not enough space to fit it in this stage (well, once improve on using Eagle PCB, should put it back). However, managed to get the everything else in and still within the 3 cm x 3 cm limit.

Just got 5 pieces of Atmega16A chips for around 2 SGD a piece from eBay and will use them for the first batch. I don’t feel like paying 12 SGD for a Atmega1284P yet, need to see my board is working fine first. Anyway, the entire project was developed on Atmega8 chip before moving to Atmega328P, and was working great.

Guess in few weeks will have a first batch of modules ready, by that time I should have already an update code with more features. Anyone interested? ^_^


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