Camera Vision

Finally I have some time to work on my project. Moved the OV7670 configuration data in EEPROM instead and now doing a bit of code cleanup. So far all the code fits in a 4Kb+ .hex file, however, I’m planning to add several features to the existing code (e.g.: dynamic and manual control of contrast, serial console to allow dynamic configuration of OV7670, switch resolution real-time, switch to debug mode, change serial speed, change from single blob tracking to multiple blobs, allow selection of color to be tracked in real-time, etc).

For all this to work, I have to write a Serial Monitor application to be able to display real-time the information streamed by the camera module. Due some unforeseen circumstances, my earlier VB code is gone so I need to redo all from scratch and decided to do it in Java. Only issue is that I never write anything in Java… yet ^_^ And I can not get the Visual Editor work on my Eclipse. Tried latest version, tried earlier version still no luck. Managed for now to list the serial ports, to connect to the port I want and receive data. Hope more updates will come soon…


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