“Arduino camera” and mbed

So far the tests to attach the OV7670 camera to a robotic platform seems to work. My “arduino camera” module (not sure how to call it since “AVRCam” and “ArduCam” are already used by other public projects) seems to work pretty fine  attached to a small tracked robot, same base with the one I’ve use to connect my 4D uCAM module. However, the speed difference is quite impressive: from 3 FPS to 30 FPS and make it move smooth this time.

Anyway, got the “tilt” handled pretty fine with minimal oscillations, some tuning may improve even more the accuracy, and the “panning” almost working, cause is not that smooth, really need to work on my algorithm. Once this done, I will take a better video and upload it.


13 thoughts on ““Arduino camera” and mbed

  1. Hello, did you post the code somewhere? I’d like to use a OV7670 with fifo with an arduino mega and I ended here searching for code.



    • Hi Iker, soryy, i did not posted any code but is a detailed explanation in a previous post! In comments. The code handling the camera is pretty simple and straight forward, you should be able to get it running pretty easy. If you face any issues just ask, will try to guide you ^_^

    • Hi Gregor, yes, i use a USB FTDI serial adapter and connect it to the pc. Can use it to program the module or receive serial data from the module.

    • Sorry, Gregor, just seen your message in my spam inbox. The details are published in the manual provided by the vendor. Based on how you program it will be able to generate jpeg or raw. For manual check out here and for some code sample you can take a look here. Really hope that this may help. Good luck with your project!

  2. Good afternoon,
    I have been very impressed by your robot and wanted to ask you a question.
    It would be connected by ethernet cable to the circuit board with the camera and remote access via web? I am researching for my final year project.
    Thanks for your time

    • Hi Ricardo, sorry, this message went to spam inbox. Since in this implementation this uCam module is connected to Mbed microcontroller, you should be able to do so as this microcontroller do have ethernet port and there should be libraries to handle the web part. Please do remember that this camera can generate jpeg output, which can then be displayed by your browser. Good luck with your project!

    • Hi Moe, if you are asking about how to connect the CTS camera, yes, you can find details on the project’s pages. For connecting OV7670 camera to Mbed/Arduino/ARM/etc, there are plenty of details with code samples and explanations, diagrams, waveforms, etc within this blog in comments…

      • yes i c that, but i would like to know did you use any shield between the OV7670 and he arduino, am trying to connect it but am not getting any result ?

      • Shield? No, actually my “arduino” was a custom made minimal arduino implementation, just mcu, crystal and reset circuit to fit all on a small test board, the one in the picture…
        Not sure how exactly you are trying to connect, maybe you can provide some details, diagrams, code?

      • actually i just start with it! i got the OV7670 2 days ago. i mean by shield, a board that connect the camera to the arduino , or am i able to connect it directly to the arduino uno without it.,. thanks for you help!

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