AVR/Arduino Camera v0.3

Due some hardware glitches, no holes to attach it to my servo bracket or to anything in general, I had to build a new version. Anyway, took the decision to drop the testing connector (the 5 pins header on the second board pictured bellow) and now, instead of reading last 3 bits of every half byte I read last 6 bits of every byte and set the camera to output the data in bytes instead of 4:4:4 format. This will give better accuracy for colors.

Also, decided to overclock Atmega328 @ 24 Mhz, get VSYNC and WRST going to INT0 and INT1 respectively. Also, as the new vesion of the OV7670 FIFO boards (CF7670C-V2) have HREF going out on WRST pin and I did changed the code to handle that one, but there is no schematic and the factory claim that shematic is “top secret”…

Anyway, did changed the code a bit, get rid of OE/CS and WRST pins, so now I am using 2 (Rx + Tx) + 6 (SDA + SCL + VSYNC + WEN + RRST + RCLK) + 6 (D2 to D7), so in total 8 digital pins and all 6 analog pins from Atmega328/Arduino, leaving the other 6 for other tasks (note: last version use one of them to show when there is at least one object tracked).

Planning to get the first version attached to one of my already built platform and see how it behave. Later will work on the timing to reach at least 15 fps in tracking mode ^_^

In picture, from left to right: version 0.1, version 0.2, version 0.3 and OV7670 module.


13 thoughts on “AVR/Arduino Camera v0.3

  1. Hi, Claude.
    Which modes camera with FIFO have? It´s the same as camera without buffer? I build robot and I think about camera. What color mode do you use for read image? Is reading and programing camera for avr hard? Can you source code program for communication with PC? Can you send me PCB of last board Arduino camera for home use?

    Thanks for answer and sorry for my English. Nice job.

  2. Good afternoon,
    I have been very impressed by your robot and wanted to ask you a question.
    It would be connected by ethernet cable to the circuit board with the camera and remote access via web? I am researching for my final year project.
    Thanks for your time

    • Hi Ricardo, by default this module will not be able to do so, as the main purpose is to track at high speed and not to steam images over the net. However, you can write a java applet that can do this. Please do the math and see what kind of speed you can achieve doing so.
      If you just want to see the tracking details and blobs bounding boxes should be much easier and very fast.
      If you need streaming at high speed, you may want to use a different solution (e.g.: use 4D System uCam if you can make it work stable, use an analogic camera and do the “embedding” of the Pc side, use a wifi camera to stream to PC, etc).

      • i just buy an 0v7670 with fifo. i just need to take an 200×200 pixel image.
        i had try connect the camera with arduino nano and doing some code.
        but i got nothing.

        i really need help :)


      • Did you read all the posts related to this subject? The answer may actually be there. If is not, can you please advise what have you done until now and where you have problems and I may be able to advise.

    • Bits and pieces of the schematic of this implementation were posted already. You can also find pseudocode and even code if you go through the posted comments.

  3. hi! I realy can`t write so much in english ! Im a simple student and I saw the photos of this intresting great camera can I have Its shematics and code possibly ??!! I`m begging ! because its been a long time that I ve been trying to track or follow a simple object or color using camera but I couldnt! 2 days ago I bought a ov7670-fifo but I have no Idea that how it works!! and I also can`t buy a cmu cam! so I decided to ask you masters to help me! thanks alot !!!!

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