Got my very first version of the home-made “AVR Camera” up and running, tracking red color objects. Lots of things to do, but so far, running stable at 8fps (120 x 160 pixels ). Lots of things to improve and the algorithm also not very efficient but is working for now.

Should be able to track 8 different blobs of the same color, providing details about blob ID, bounding box, COG and weight. Should be able to change dynamically the color to track and the range. Data can be dumped over the serial port @ 125 kbps or more (got it running at 1250 kbps stable, however, after a frame Processing start choking).

Is able to dump a frame over serial port in bellow a second @ 500kbps in Processing, should be much faster if have a dedicated client to get the data and display it but no time to start learning VC now, only for this.

Image data sent over the serial line is in RGB332 format, binary mode, to increase the speed. Beginning and end of line, including line number, and beginning of a frame is also included, for synchronization.

While not extremely fast, with tuning and some changes will be a good start for some of my projects… Can’t wait to finish the code and attach it to my rover!


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