My experience with Image Processing improved a bit more. A bit of research there and there and managed to implement some interesting algorithms to do erosion, dilate, filling, etc… While these were pretty straight forward, can’t say the same about “connectedness”…

The idea is to find the details for each blob in the image, find if is connectedness if is not then calculate COG, weight, position and size of the box corresponding, etc.

I am almost there, managed to write a piece of code, in one pass can decide is the blobs are connected or not, calculate the COG, weight, position, etc and parent ID, so if is connected to a parent, can also calculate the aggregated blob details… Well, working at this part now ^_^ So far, this is where I am:

I do not like Processing, but writing a piece of code to display an image or capture it from a serial port is taking few minutes, while using other options may take me much much longer…


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