Xbmc upgrade

For some time now, my XBM was having problems and was really annoying using it. I decided that the 7725 was a bit too hungry and I sold it to Anthony.

I went ahead trying to get XBMC working on one of my old 5730 boxes, running in just 1 64 bits core AMD cpu @ 1 Ghz. Getting Ubuntu to see the internal graphic card (ATI Rage X1250) was not easy and does not worth due poor OpenGL performance. Even on Windows the results are pretty disappointing, lots of frames dropped…

Since I went to Sim Lim, I decided to take the risk and buy a Nvidia graphic card. Bad news: only PCI cards can be used! I had to fork out a bit more then expected to buy a decent card… In the end I went with Geforce 8400 GS with 512 Mb.

I tried to get it work using Ubuntu 9.10 server and download the drivers, but was a pain in the arse. Tried also XBMC Live CD but could not get it even boot. Took some time till I decided to give Xubuntu 9.10 a try. Great choice! With the restricted drivers and last upgrades I am now able to play full HD movies (1080p mkv) smooth and fast, with less than 35% CPU load!!!

The card is great! right now is running Transmission, Samba and SSHserver while watching a HD movie without a glitch :-) I am planning to port my LAMP server to the same box soon too. Right now I am really impressed withhow well anAMD Sempron 2100+ can handle.


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