Dual touch TC1100

I got my touch screen last week and I managed to spent some time on it on Saturday.  Once I saw it’s working, I was exploring the options to fit the USB interface inside and have it working. My first problem was to find a way not to disable the existing 2 USB ports, but rather to get it inside and get it work with minimum impact.

Since the included keyboard is a detected as a USB hub and USB keyboard and USB mouse, I opened the keyboard to find out the pinout. It took less then 30 minutes to determine the pinout and I started think about stuffing the interface inside of the tablet. And is not that small…

I opened the TC1100 case, removed the modem daughter board, take out the board completely as you need access to the back to solder the wires. Using my wrapping wires and my soldering station I was able to get the Vcc and Data+/Data- signals to the other side of the board where I placed the touch screen interface. I had to remove both connectors from the board as there is no space to use them (have to make the board to have a very slim profile or else will not fit. Soldering the cables directly on the board and using the wrapping wires helped a lot: I was able to close the casing back after connecting the screen just above the PCMCIA slot.

[singlepic id=1126 w=410 h=273 float=center]

[singlepic id=1125 w=410 h=273 float=center]

I did a recalibration of the screen once done and… voila! I have a fully functional TC1100 running with touch screen and digitizer. All I need now is to place a frame around the screen to mask it, something like a bezel. I just need to find a 2 mm thick plexiglass then need to cut it… Wish will be as simple as the hacking part.

I’ll try to put some pictures up and eventually upload a movie on utube on this :-)


14 thoughts on “Dual touch TC1100

    • Hahaha! No time : -( Leaving for a long leave soon and still doing some other projects in the same time…
      Btw, I’m leaving for Similan Islands in few days! I’ll miss you guys :'(

  1. Hi there..! I was wondering if you could give me a link to the vendor you purchased the screen from. I’m been watching your blog for a while to get updates on the dual touch TC1100 you’ve been working on :) I’m very interested in trying out the same mod.

    Written with my TC1100 btw ;)

    • Hi there, I bought it some time back from ebay. There are tons of vendors and are quite cheap. The one I have is a glass version with 4 pins, come with a pretty big USB adapter (seen smaller also) but is delivered with Windows and Mac OS drivers, so you may be abl eto get it run under Leopard or Snow Leopard if you have enough patience to get the OS first running.
      Do let me know if you manage to find one, if not I’ll try to look through the archive and find the exact vendow I bought from. Cheers!

  2. Hi there again and thanks for the tip ..! I did a search on eBay and immediately got many hits, awesome :)

    I wonder if you could tell me how you were going to overcome the problem of double input using the pen with the resistive digitizer? If there is such a problem, that is. What I mean is that when you have the pen near the screen, did you mean to somehow disable the digitizer like it is usually done on dual touch tablet PCs so it wouldn’t interfere inking with the pen?

    • This is a good question! Well, if you are installing Mac OS (10.4.8 works quite well), will not be able to use the digitizer anyway, in Windows is a different story… You can actually write a small piece of code to toggle the Wacom driver or the other one using one of the side buttons (easier in Linux). Btw, using any stylus or even your thumbs (non Wacom) will work fine on the new screen ;-)

      The tough part is when you are doing the initial calibration, cause your rezistive panel will detect the pressure in different locations then the Wacom one… Once is done, everything is working fine even using the Wacom pen.

    • I bought the resistive screen from ebay and the usb adapter comes with it. Just google for a touch screen (mine is 4 wires resistive touchscreen) and you will see plenty of hits. I went for one with MacOS drivers just in case I’ll decide to run Mac on it.

      If you want to make it look good, go for 11″ or bigger (you may want to measure the size of the screen including the bezel) and get a screen to fit, then buy the TC1100/1000 front part without the screen, place your touch screen on it, use some filling to cover the gaps. During the calibration you define the proper size of the screen and should work…

  3. I have 100 questions. Since I am highly considering this on my TC1100 that is running Ubuntu 10.4.. so just here are the questions.

    Does the 4 wire screen support multi touch, and as well pressure sensitivity.

    How sturdy is the screen, I mean is it going to stand up to some serious writing (that my TC soaks up like a champ) or is it going to crack and fail after time.

    Possibility of cutting out the clear plexi on the front of the TC and dropping it down onto the LCD it’s self. (My Plexi is half loose so I can see some space in there between the LCD and the plexi.)

    And last and most important, two finger gestures ect.. Say two finger tap for right click . (if the screen can recognize it I can program it in Wacom-Tools and Easy stroke.)

    And lastly, thanks I have been pondering it, but well 50 quid for the screen make me go… well I dont wana screw this up!

    • Hi Greylopth, the screen i have does not support multitouch, i doubt there is a 4 wires resistive one doing that. however, you can use any kind of touch screen as long can be connected through usb ^_^

      you an take out the screen in front of the LCD then see if can ue a 11″ touch screen with a custom made bezel of the same size with the original screen. There is about 5 mm between LCD and the plexi/glass screen…

  4. Great Hack. Currently writing this on my tc1100. Wanted to know if you could post the pinout for the keyboard plug. Thinking about taking on a small project that would make a slap on wireless usb adapter for the keyboard. Thanks for any help!

  5. Wonderful!! Is it a possibility that u could probably just take the orig. wacom digitizer out and put the touch funct. inside the front of the screen? most touch funct. digitizers now support the tablet’s pen..

    im trying to add a camera to the tablet’s front (internally) i have the design plans in my head, and am now looking for any extra usb port, but the recurring problem is the WSIPI (Where Should I Put It), whereas in portrait or landscape :~s

    • Unfortunately is a resistive screen, need to be in front… Anyway, I switched to LE1700 and never used my TC1100 since.

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