Windows 7 on LS800

I tried few times to install Windows 7 on my LS800 and initially what I did, somehow failed: couldn’t make the pen work on it, the second time I used the TC1100 Wacom drivers and then the calibration went crazy no matter what…

I did then a clean install of WinXP and install all the drivers using the original recovery disks but I was not happy at all with the performance and more, the CPU was running in 600 Mhz instead and could not find a way to change it back.

I decided to give it a try again last night and use a different approach. I have a custom trimmed down version prepared from my original Windows 7 Retail disk that I use for this, which will take only 1.5 Gb disk once installed. Btw, I am using a 4 Gb Transcend 100x Industrial CF as a HDD, in a ZIF to CF adapter (my LS800 comes with ZIF connector and not the 1.8″ 50 pin ATA adapter).

It took around 30 minutes to have the base OS up. I connected the network cable and fire up the Windows Update, selecting all “important” upgrades and few of the optional ones related to hardware components. Once done, there are 4 “lemons” on the Device Manager only: audio, wireless, IR and the digitizer. Then download the LE1700 Wacom Windows 7 drivers from Motion Computing site and install it using Upgrade Driver option. Once done, you should be able to use the pen.

Place then the drivers recovery disk in the cdrom, select every device one by one and then choose Upgrade Driver, select the CD drive and let it do its job. you’ll be able to make all the problem disappeared except the IR driver which does not work.

Now, you want the dashboard back, right? But the original one is either not working or if you manage to make it work (using WindowsXP SP2 compatibility mode) will have many options unavailable. Do not give up, go back on Motion Computing website and download the Motion Dashboard for LE1700 for Windows 7 and install it instead. Reboot the machine and go and edit the properties for Motion Buttons, point the application to start when pressing HotBttn 1 to the location where the new dashboard was installed. If everything is installed correctly you should be able to access the dashboard and able to access any option in the new dashboard (there are few extra options comparing to original LS800 one).

After Windows 7 upgrade, if you need the fingerprint sensor to work, you should be able to use it either with the latest Omnipass software (not free but there is a 30 days trial, you can also try downloading the one provided for LE1700 on Motion Computing website) or just use the native one in Windows 7 instead, see the details here.

I will strongly recommend installing the RightMark CPU application that will allow you to control the CPU voltage and throttle the CPU. This will keep your tablet cooler. Of course disable all the services you do not need, use a SSD instead of HDD if possible (use a very low power consumption SLC SSD like Samsung rather then Mtron or others, which are very fast but also using a lot of power, even more then a HDD: up to 2-2.5 W, when Samsung is running in < 0.5 W in write mode). More about tuning in a separate post.

One thing that is not working is SD card reader. Can see the device, if you plug a 2 Gb card in it will detect it, will install the drivers, etc, will even come up on the Windows Explorer but when you try to access it the system will throw a blue screen and then restart. You’ll need to power off and back on to be able to start the system again. I will try to see if the SD card Vista fix can solve the issue. If I get this working then will be great! I will really need the card reader for my travels to review the pictures between the dives ;-)


27 thoughts on “Windows 7 on LS800

    • I reinstall WindowsXP back, some problems with the SD reader. Waiting for my new SSD to come and then I’ll put it back and try to get the SD card working.

  1. Hello Claude!

    Could you please send me a zip with your motion ls800 drivers for win7? The ones that worked ok for you?

    I just got one on ebay and when I get it I will install Windows7. :)

    Thanks for the guide anyway,

    • Hi Eugen, actually all drivers are available on MotionComputing website already. I am using their own drivers for LS800 Windows XP, and just install them in “compatibility mode” for WindowsXP SP2, running as Administrator. I will not suggest to install the finger reader software as is not working, instead use the Windows7 native support and let it install it’s own drivers (once installed and connected to Internet).
      Do let me know if you face any issues and I will try to help you.


    I installed WIndows 7 on an LS800 as follows: clean boot from WIN7 CD. Then go through the long update cycle, you must do it more than a few times to get all the updates.

    Then following your adivce, install remaining drivers from the Motion Computing CD-ROM. The display driver failed but then upon re-boot installed just fine.

    Just remember, update you BIOS before you do all this.

    It really helps to use the cradle and attach a mouse and keyboard for the install, just easier.

    After installing the video driver, you may need to restart (if prompted) a couple of times. There is a glitch as you will get a successful install message and restart request. I ignored it after a few times, the rotation button works just fine but I need to find the registry setting that keeps asking for the reboot. I rarely restart the tablet anyway, preferring to hibernate or suspend since it is faster and actually uses less battery power than a shutdown and power up. The CF SSD really makes a difference in this process.

    I’m using a 64 gig CF SSD, my LS800 has the 50 pin IDE connector.

    The trick is a little patience. The LS800 wasn’t designed for Windows 7 but it works fine with it. There are some enhancements that make it nicer than WIndows XP Tablet Edition although the instant spell checker when writing in the ink form can be annoying. All in all, it is a worthwhile upgrade and brings this little tablet into the current world.

  3. I have been able to get the Windows 8 Dev Edition on the LS800 and am happy with it despite the internal wireless not being detected. I turned off the Metro UI. It worked but because the LS800 is 800×600 resolution only the metro apps for the desktop and control panel would actually open. I have a really good time seeing what I can and cant install on it. Ubuntu 11.10 is just great on it and I may actually stay with that. I have some pics at http://stevegossett%5Bdot%5Dwordpress%5Bdot%5Dcom if interested.

  4. No sooner I wrote this that I went through the drivers, right-clicked on the network item under Other devices, update driver, selected to pick a driver from the system, scanned down to Atheros AR5004X, installed it and wholla! Wireless access is now working on the LS800 with Windows 8.

    • Hi Celh, yes, if is the same chip should work fine, I’m also using them. Aslo can use the original ones in WinXP SP2 “Compatibility mode”.

  5. Hey where did you get the Wireless driver for the LS800 Tablet I did a Windows Update on Windows 7 never found the driver for the Wireless card.

    Im Using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit I tried the LE1600 Drivers both the Windows XP & Vista no luck and also tried the LS800 Windows XP & Vista still didn’t work.

    Wireless works fine on Ubuntu but can’t get audio to work on Ubuntu.

  6. Never mind got it working using the LE1700 LE1700_Atheros_WLAN_v800205 Driver thats the Original Factory Install one.

    Seems everything is working now with a few missing things in the device manager but seems to work just fine.

    Any ideal where to get a bigger Drive for it at finding 1.8′ hard drives is’t easy.

    • Sorry, just saw your post. I’m also using LE1700 WIFI drivers and works great. I think i do have a “lemon” in Device Manager, the rest can fix if download all the online drivers, decompress and set the system to update the driver looking for it in that folder.
      I bought a 1.8″ HDD from ebay quite cheap and works great, should be able to find for 100$, but check first your HDD connector, cause some come with PATA some with SATA….

  7. Have you found ANY driver that hits the IR Serial device? I’ve searched and searched, and once I found this post, I was (sorry to say) a bit disheartened that the IR doesn’t work for everybody else, as well… As of now, I haven’t tried the SD reader, but I will let my customer know that the BSOD *could* happen, and require a reboot to recover the system.

    The Audio driver was a pain. Finally found a working package here:

    Go to the end of the first post, and click the download link at the end of it. It’ll say:

    Extract it, but DO NOT USE THE INSTALLER! Use the WDM folder, and install it manually. It SAYS that it will hit the IR port, too, but it doesn’t.

    Good hint on plugging in a USB keyboard and mouse… :P My customer didn’t provide me with the pen, so I was stuck with this particular option, but it truly DOES make the install MUCH faster and easier.

    Huh… Just finding a new oddity… The UP arrow will only scroll up one line, then no more. The LEFT arrow will only go to the left of the line, then scroll back on the same line, rather than the right end of the line above it, as is expected behavior. The DOWN arrow works perfectly, as does the RIGHT arrow. I’m using a Kensington Slim-Blade set. Might it be this text box, or possibly a WordPress glitch?

    One more suggestion. If you are installing from a non-SP1 DVD, after you are up and running, plug in either a network cable or a USB NIC that you have drivers for, and download the entire SP1 package from M$ website. Install it from a local file, and it will make your LATER updates SO much faster!

    IE9 is quite snappy, still. Faster NOTICEABLY than the default IE8.

    Motion Computing LS-800
    Windows 7 Ultimate – 32 bit
    1GB RAM (2GB stick sitting by me to go in)
    60GB MK6006MKH IDE hard drive

    Good luck to everybody wanting to attempt this update. If you do not need the IR port, it’s quite a nice advance, over the XP Tablet Edition.

    • @haemhyst: I did installed the IR but did not tried as I do not have any device to talk with on IR. Anyway, I am using original drivers installed with WinXP SP2 compatibility mode, and there are no complains. I did this for most of the drivers I could not find a Windows 7 driver. I also prefer to install only the driver (use Update Driver and point to the folder where I decompressed the kit) rather then the entire installation if possible.

      Also, I had no issues with the USB keyboard, everything worked fine, no glitches. However, running on only 1 Gb RAM is pretty sluggish, the only way to make it run fast was to use “vlite”, trim all the unused services or packages (have to use a Pro version because of the pen support) and use a fast SSD drive. I got it this way boot up in Windows7 in only 10 seconds…

      Anyway, good luck with your quest, is still a pretty good hardware once you get all running smooth.

  8. I’ve followed this page so many times over but still can’t get the wireless to work?

    Running win7 Home prem.

    Got 2 “lemons” showing a ethernet controller and unknown device.

    Everything else is working.

    • May i know if you tried using the wifi driver from MotionComputing? Also, what wifi card are you using?
      Can use original drivers but need toinstall in compatibility mode, winXP SP2 and should work fine. Can also use the ones from LE1600 if you get the drivers for your wifi chip, Vista or Win7. Hope will help!

  9. Right. I’ve updated the bios to 15A, done a vlite install of ultimate, everythings working other than wifi.

    The bluetooth installed with the dashboard.

    I’ve tried all LS800, LE1600, LE1700 drivers and nothings worked.

    Got the device manager down to only Ethernet “lemon”, unknow device installed infinein security platform.

    But yeah no wifi :( Where would I find what wifi card I’m using? on the dashboard it says “802.11 wifi, wifi device not found”

  10. I’ve updated the bios to A15, reinstalled windows 7 (a vlite version of ultimate), everything is working except for the wifi.

    Tried LS800, LE1600 and LE1700 drivers to no luck. The motion dashboard says no wifi device found?

    Not sure what to do

  11. SOLVED!!

    For anyone else having this issue;

    The extra “ethernet device” in the device manager, which was weird because there was already another ethernet device that had the proper Realtek drivers installed from the 1st win7 online update.

    So I went into the extra “ethernet device” properties and used the Atheros 5004x driver that was included with win7, and now wifi works properly.

    Partly sourced from tablet review forums :)

  12. Just upgraded the ram to 2gb and found a 32gb Samsung SSD inside, awesome!

    Thanks for your sites help Claudiu :)

  13. Alright anyone have any idea where i can pick up a bigger drive for this Tablet the 32GB is way to small is there atleast an 80GB or 120GB drive around online i can pick up? Around $100?

  14. Hi, I am having a little trouble with the stylus on LS800. According to my friend who gave it to me, she said that it suddenly stopped working and now the stylus tip cannot be used (I saw it too) and she was using the other end of the stylus and it worked. Is there something to fix that, has anyone stumbled across that? I now did a reinstall of win7 and cannot find the wacom router screen to put the ls1700 driver update.

    • The other end of the stylus can be used, is supposed to be used as “eraser”, but will allow you to use it as a normal tip. Not sure what to say about fixing it, never got one spoiled. Did you try buying one from ebay? Any Wacom pasive stylus should work: I am using the one from HP TC1100 and works like a charm.

      For LS800 drivers, why not just download LS800 drivers from MotionComputing website? Not sure if the drivers are the same for LE1700.

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