Going Motion!

Finally I saw my baby on Saturday! IT was a hassle to deal with SpeedPost and for sure will make you feel damn frustrated with so many stories and crap they’ll tell you just to close your mouth. I had to make a lot of calls after my package disappear from the tracking screen to make them do their job. Anyway, sometime just before 3 Pm on Saturday, I got a call and the delivery guy announced me that he is in front of my house ready to do the delivery.

After last week experience, I examined first the package before I sign for it. I rush back in the house and open the package. There it was! Brand new, still in the original wrapping, my new baby!

Was a matter of time till I open the hood and looked inside. Bad news! My version is using the ZIF HDD instead of the original 50 pin one… There is no way to fit my new Samsung SSD inside!!! Lucky I could fit the SSD into my TC1100 and I took out the CF and plug it inside of the LS800 using the connector I ordered from eBay.

It is a delicate operation as the cable is very short and if you just pull a bit may get out from the ZIF connector. Anyway, I get it detected and I was able to start the installation.

I tried to install the Windows 7 on it and after few bad experiences (no pen, can detect pen but can not calibrate it properly, display power can not be controlled from dashboard, buttons does not work properly, etc) I decided that the best will be to stick to the Windows XP. I used the trimmed down version prepared for my TC1100 and install only the software I need, did all the upgrades, etc and still have about 3 Gb free from my 4 Gb CF.

Even running @ 100x is much faster then the internal HDD. Now, running on CF and with RightMark CPU installed, the machine get just a bit warm but much cooler then in the stock version. Actually is pretty fine to hold it and even after more then few hours running on AC then 1 hour on batteries is still pretty cool.

I got the fingerprint reader to work, I can even connect to my wireless network (I am using an Apple Airport Extreme as AP and I find it very difficult to get XP connecting to it because of the settings I use) and all works pretty well.

I am still looking for a solution to get my SSD inside (I do have a Samsung SLC SSD with very low power consumption and pretty good speed) and tune it. As of now, I find it very convenient to put it in stand by and just on it when I use it, this way I can get it on in few seconds.

Things to consider: 2 Gb RAM (using just 1 Gb for now), get my SSD inside, tune it better and disable all the services I do not need, get it boot in less than 10 seconds, get an extended battery for it.


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