If is working, don’t touch it!

For sometime now, I am trying to get Ubuntu  9.10 work properly with X. Seems to be a common issue everyone complained about: the X server will start only with root permissions. I set the box to start direct in X, skipping the login, but it fails. During boot sequence, the system attempt to start the Xsession but it fails. Is working fine when using sudo.

I know if should be something I missed, something different from previous distributions I worked with before. Guess sooner or later will be fixed. I just find it a bit frustrating to have every time changing with every new distributions (e.g.: bluetooth stack changed, starting X changed, etc). Wish Linux will reach the level where people will focus of making things easier instead of complicating more and more. The stage when everyone can install Linux without intensive knowledge. The stage when a desktop can take as much space like Windows XP, and users can set up all their devices with a click of a button. I know is a dream and everyone will tell me that this is the beauty of running linux, can work on everything. I do not doubt that, I just find it damn frustrating to waste a day trying to make the OpenGL driver work on my integrated ATI card… I can get the open source driver work just fine but XBMC will not work unless is OpenGL driver installed.

I am trying to build an appliance and if was not for XBMC I was not even bothering to consider Ubuntu. I am very happy with NetBSD or Slackware, small footprint, fast booting times, etc, but XBMC is not working on it.

I reach a nasty compromise: I have to manually start XBMC after each reboot for now… Ahh, one more thing: I am missing something maybe, but whenever I try to install XBMC, only the beta version is available to download from repositories and one thing for sure: it is really buggy! The most annoying of all is when you press [] (stop) XBMC will hang. Nothing is working anymore, I need to restart the box. Same happen if I leave a movie to play till the end.

I understood why some say: if is working don’t touch it!


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