Time pass so fast

Is already December. The time is flying fast and by the time we realized, another year passed. From the last post I have been already to other few more runs and did lots of other things.

My last acquisition is another thin client (gt7720) that will replace all my t5730 machines. I consolidated all of them in just one box (web, media centre, torrent, etc). And it does the job pretty well actually: plying movies in 1080i/1080p, run my webserver and my Transmission and still have some juice left. Is true that lasted lots of my time to have all of them working properly. Mostly because of my wireless Apple keyboard because of the new bluetooth implementation in Ubuntu 9.10.

Tried Windows XP and Windows 7 and get them working fine but Windows is not really my piece of pie and sure not the best option for running a webserver.


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