Time capsule

Few weeks back I was exploring the option of reducing the number of boxes and cables hanging around in my living room under the TV and I come along an interesting offer from Apple: TimeCapsule. I own few Macs and backup is a good idea, so didn’t take much to click the buy button…

The bad part is that I started to read about TimeCapsule only after I bought it. I knew roughly what it does and how, I just did not know that under the pretty case lies so many design issues. Anyway, now I did my homework and it took me few hours to decide that my TimeCapsule have to undergone some design changes and upgrades.

First was the drive, I replaced the 0.5 Tb Seagate “server grade” disk with a 2 Tb “green” disk from Seagate (Seagate Barracuda LP). With a slower spinning speed and a very low power consumption, this should reduce the heat dissipated. Also will give me quite a lot of space available for my backups and files.

I decided to remove the rubber bottom and leave the metallic base exposed and act as a radiator. Also, I started the internal fan by taking out the wire next to GND and inserting a 56 Ohms resistor on the +5v wire. This together with adding 7 mm rubber legs under the case make the system run a bit cooler.

One of this weekends I’ll try the other “fan mod” by cutting a hole under the fan and let the fan suck the air from outside instead of just recirculating the air inside.

Using TimeCapsule as a router adds several limitations in my case, mostly because of my Thomson ADSL modem. In the end I decided to use the TimeCapsule in bridge mode and use the Dlink modem/router facing the internet. I disabled the wireless option on the Dlink and use all the other features instead setting the TimeCapsule as an AccessPoint, NAS and gigabit switch. Now everything works fine and I am quite happy with the setup.


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