My mini Mac

I’m already owning few Mac’s and I’m quite happy with them :) Is just the size that make me think and try something else… So I got a second-hand EEE PC 901 for 100+ Euros and I start exploring the options of installing MAC on it. I know, there are issues related to the license and other things and yes, I do have few MAC OS licenses and Apple hardware. This is an experiment that prove that can be done…

There are many hacked distribution available online and after testing there and there I was not really happy, pretty much unstable. In the end I decided to go ahead using a retail version of MAC OS 10.5.6.


All I need is: modified version of BIOS to fix the ACPI issue (can google for it), “EEE boot 1.11” CD (google for it), a legal copy of MAC OS :), a USB DL DVD drive, a Broadcom 4311 mini PCIe card (eBay or local computer service shop) and few cans of beer or Coke :)

I will not go into the details on how to update the bios (use AsusUpdate software) The rest, in short is: boot from “EEE boot 1.11, then on prompt press [Enter]. Change the disk with the MAC OS 10.5.x DVD, press [Enter], on the next screen type: ‘-x “Graphics Mode”=”800x600x32″‘ then press [Enter]. Follow the standard MAC OS installation procedure, everything should go fine and your system should reboot by itself in the end. Replace the disk to “EEE boot 1.11” disk, press [Enter], choose “80” for primary hard disk then [Enter], your computer should boot normal, follow the registration process. Run the “chameleon” application to fix the boot up issue then all the ktexts to fix the screen resolution and the rest of “incompatibilities. After the reboot, everything should work but the sound and microphone. This can be solved by installing the AudioEEE from the same folder with the Chameleon and the rest of the fixes but first you should install latest version of CHUD from Apple or from your MAC OS DVD.

Now you should be able to use everything except the microphone. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this yet. The speed is pretty much ok and if you are used with MAC OS, you’ll be quite happy to use it when you go out in weekend for breakfast, surfing net or just watching movies…

Well, I still use most of the time home my MacBook, what to do? Got to used with big screen and keyboard :)


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