NAS, third part

Already in “production” for past 2 weeks and going strong. Most of the things are in place and working fine: AFP, NFS, SAMBA/CIFS, FTP, SCP, FireFly, Transmission, etc. The only thing left is the cooling part…

I was doing a check on the system, using webmin, and after I activated the SMART support, I was able to read the disk details, including the internal temperature… Is when I saw that the disk is going 51 degrees short after the restart.

I had to shut it down, open it and do some changes in the internal “design”. I removed the second disk and the additional cables, I had secured the HDD away from the middle cooling shield (used by the CPU and chipset) and have the up cover actually touching the external shield of the box, used as a cooler.

I did not used yet any special thermal transfer device or gel, just have the disk press on the external shield. After this change, the temperature grow slowly to 48 degrees in about an hour, doing continuous transfers. I left it over the weekend, with transmission running, and the temperature is still 48 degrees. I am considering as an option adding an internal turbine to blow air through the casing and see how much this may help. Also, adding a thermal transfer solution (e.g.: gel, silicon strips, etc) and use the external shield as a passive radiator may also help.

I did set the disk to spin down after 5 min if not in use, but since the transmission is running non stop, not really sure how this may help…

Anyway, overall is quite stable, I can squeeze good speeds on NSF and SCP, but the Samba and AFP is still quite slow, somewhere around 1.5-2 Mb/sec. I’ll take a look on the settings, maybe can find a way to improve this too.


4 thoughts on “NAS, third part

    • Dream on! this is not personal computer stuff :-p Anyway, is fun and instead of spending on a comercial version, can buy casing for my G9 :-D Can’t wait to take my new baby down ;-)

  1. WOW! G9! Nice upgrade! Didn’t see you at MIDE this year…you could get some bargains there. During the dive expo, I got myself a close-up lens, close-up lens adapter, lens holder, base handle plate and arm…the strobe was out of budget :(

    • Thank you :) Well, I’m ok for now, maybe later i’ll consider investing in more stuff. To be honest, I did not brought a camera down with me for 6 months but planning to do this soon. Maybe in Bali ;)
      Sounds great! Any new pictures to share?

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