Time to upgrade

For sometime now, I am using the XBMC as my media centre. Since I’m running XBMC from one of my thin clients as an appliance, my entire library was located on an external storage. For this I was using a NAS solution which was working pretty much ok beside the incredible slow speed you can get from it (sometime as low as 500 Kb/sec).

Everything went relative fine till Sunday when I was bored and browsing through the movies and trying to watch a bit there and there… Suddnly my XBMC kind of freeze and went back to the browsing screen but nothing can be seen on the list. Pressed several times escape until it get back to the main screen… Trying to get back to my movie library, I had a unpleasant surprise: was gone… was actually wiped out from the box :'(

Was a great loss… my hard work is gone, all the time spent to grew up this library… Hahahaha! I am just kidding, seen already most of them, so is not that bad. Anyway, since my NAS is so unreliable, I decided to invest in a more reliable and better solution.

Right now evaluating between Dlink 323 and Netgear ReadyNas Duo… Both of them running LInux, both of them give the option to run additional features and also have a huge support community behind.

I am more and more attracted to Netgear’s solution, which seems more powerfull and scallable but also almost 2 times more expensive… I should pay a visit to the computer fair tomorrow and see if there is any offer that may reduce this handicap ;)


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