Going wireless

I had a lot of frustrations with my XBMC lately. After I did an upgrade on my iPod Touch, the remote control applications stop working properly and I had to get back to the old wired HP keyboard. On Saturday, I was in Funan looking for something when I decided to get the Apple wireless keyboard and give it a try…


The size, the design and the finishing are just nice. I am really impressed with the quality of the finishings, looks simple and very practical also is made from aluminium ;-)

First problem was to install the BT dongle and after make it work (eventually) get it working with the keyboard. It was not really an easy task. I am running WindowsXP Embedded on my XBMC machine and BT Generic Drivers support from Microsoft is not included. I follow the hard path: get the WIDCOMM drivers (ver 4.0.1) and patch them by the book. After reboot I got the BT working fine. Now comes the tricky part: pairing the keyboard with the machine… 

It took me some time till I managed to make it work. Is not that complicate, is more about how to do it to get it work :) The big issue is that the WIDCOMM GUI will not let you set the PIN for the pairing process. To manage to link them together you need to do the following changes and also you’ll need a wired keyboard during the process.

First, open Windows registry editor (reged) and locate the following key:


Once located there should be several keys including: ‘PinCodeWord’ and ‘UsedFixPin’.

Set the key ‘PinCodeWord‘ to a decimal value of 1111.

Set the key ‘UseFixedPin‘ to a decimal value of 1.

Now, attempt pairing. When you get to the greyed PIN screen type 1111 using wired keyboard AND (this is the only trick that make mine works) in the same time type on Apple Wireless Keyboard exact the same PIN (1111).

Press the Return key on the Apple keyboard.

If the pairing succeed, the bluetooth icon in the tray become green and you should get a popup window asking for btwhid.sys file. Don’t panic, is inside the data.cab file in the WIDCOMM installation file. Once done, everything should work fine.


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